Debunking the myths! Five things people say about PPP that simply aren’t true

pearly penile papules myths

Debunking the myths! Five things people say about PPP that simply aren’t true

You might remember, from your schooldays, those ridiculous stories that boys used to pass around about the use, or abuse, of their “equipment”. Sadly, the same can happen with adults where a bad idea gradually becomes accepted wisdom. We have certainly found this to be true when talking to men about the subject of pearly penile papules. Here are five of the most common misconceptions:

I’ve got an STD haven’t I?

No, you haven’t. PPP have got absolutely no connection to any sexually transmittable diseases. In fact, medical science is a bit stumped as to why these benign papules actually form. We do know that it has no connection to either sexual activity or personal hygiene.

It’s okay to pop them

No, it certainly isn’t. These are not the penis’ answer to facial zits. You should never pick or scratch them and certainly not try to pop them. Guys who have taken this course of action have often ended up with either residual scarring or an infection. Neither of these are particularly welcome!

They are hereditary – like some kind of birthmark

No, they aren’t. This crazy idea was first raised by men who happened to notice that their PPP appeared in what seemed to be an organised row, a bit like a string of pearls. This is nothing more than a quirk of nature and has absolutely no explanation or significance.

I’m some kind of freak!

No, you aren’t. Hirsuties papillaris gentialis, hirsutoid papillomas or hirsuties coronae glandis to give them their range of proper names, are actually very common amongst men, especially those in their twenties and thirties, and also if uncircumcised. The may even appear and disappear from time to time of their own accord – although it is best to have them treated.

You’ll stick a needle in my…

No, we won’t. Numbing the area we need to work on is carried out by the use of a topical lidocaine anaesthetic cream, not by injection

Like any medical condition, these myths do spring up and gain cadence. We hope to have put your mind at rest with the simple truth, and look forward to offering clear and swift professional help if you ever find PPP on your penis.