Will the NHS treat Pearly penile papules?

The NHS will treat Pearly penile papules – NHS treatment is available!

A fully granted IFR applied for by your doctor should allow the NHS to cover Pearly papules treatment conducted at private clinics.

The NHS Individual Funding Request (IFR) offer doctors an avenue to treat natural bodily growths such as Pearly papules. NHS funding requests can grant ‘medical’ intervention on a case by case submission.

Will the NHS cover private treatment for PPP?

The advice found in NHS England’s – key documents is basically that an NHS clinician [your Doctor] may [where they deem fit] use an Individual Funding Request (IFR) if they believe explicitly that you as a patient would benefit over and above another patient with the same condition. Generally in this instance, treatment offered by a private clinic could be obtained. It is important to realize that you must ask your Doctor to apply for an IFR!

In their own words “Individual funding requests (or IFRs) are made to NHS England by clinicians [your Doctor] when they believe that a patient’s clinical circumstances are exceptional and because of this, they would benefit from a treatment that isn’t usually available on the NHS.”

[] Emphasis is ours.

NHS treatment for PPP

If a patient with Pearly papules is suffering with an increased social or sexual anxiety, and this anxiety is effecting their life but in such a way that by comparison, is over and above another Pearly papules patients anxiety. A doctor may decide that by first treating the underlying condition immediately (using an external private clinic) would ultimately reduce or remove the anxiety a patient is suffering. Subsequently in this situation; removing the PPP forever will simultaneously reduce or remove the associated anxiety that may occur from the condition.

For more information for yourself or your Doctor, there is an NHS page that discuses Individual Funding Requests

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