Treatment for Pearly Penile Papules (UK PPP treatments)

Home treatments for PPP that work - no PPP Kits, PPP Creams, Toothpastes or Potions!

How are Pearly papules treated?

There are two different treatment types that we’re able to offer for PPP treatment.

The first treatment choice (and our recommended option) uses a simple Electrosurgery medical procedure which completely removes the papules for good by using vaporisation.

Because Electrosurgery is classed as a soft type of medical procedure; it has a very quick healing time (days).

CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser

The second option is to use a CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser to remove any papules. Laser treatment is noted as a slightly more aggressive treatment, that is to say it has a longer healing time.

The cost of Laser treatment is much higher however and although some Doctors will say it is a superior treatment over Electrosurgery, Doctor Josh feels different. Doctor Josh says “Due to the extremely longer healing times and the aggressive nature of the laser, and that you can still achieve the same result with Electrosurgery, Electrosurgery is undeniably the better treatment choice.”

Safe and Pain free

Both treatment types are completely safe and classed as pain free. Dr Josh has been treating Pearly papules with the use of Electrosurgery for over 15 years and following this he has seen excellent results. With the softer approach and quicker healing time Electrosurgery is the option Dr. Josh prefers.

Electrosurgery offers just as high quality as a laser but with a much lower price. Both CO2 laser and Electrosurgery concentrate exclusively on the individual papule being eradicated. This ensures no damage to the Glans or the penis. The treatment starts with using a topical anaesthetic cream that numbs the required area. This will remove any need for injections whilst still making sure that the whole treatment is painless.

All Pearly papules treated will form a small scabrous tissue for a day or so as the skin fully heals beneath. Any scabrous tissue will rub away naturally.

The resulting effects on the treatment area are instantly noticeable and ‘almost’ always permanent. All papules treated within a single 1 hour appointment with Doctor Josh with no return visit required.

PPP creams and other home Penile papule treatment choices

Are there any Pearly papule home treatments available in the UK; and do Pearly Penile Papules home treatments actually work?

There is an extensive array of different Pearly papule treatments being sold in the UK; however less than a handful of these home treatments will actually show any permanent results.

Are there pills for Pearly papules treatment?

Dr Josh can categorically state that he has never seen any pill that will remove PPP at all, period!

It is surprising to hear of patients being offered penile papule treatments as a series of pills. There is no pharmaceutical offering available for the treatment of papules on the penis. Any advert or article you see that offer pills to remove PPP is a scam.

How to get rid of Pearly papules at home, and which home treatment is the best Pearly papule treatment?

In the UK; doctors have to abide by the General Medical Council rules and regulations for medical treatments.

Pearly Penile Papule toothpaste treatments

Unfortunately this doesn’t leave us fully protected when it comes to home papule treatments that are based with only a suggested scientific backing compared to full medical treatment claims.

Cleverly worded promises and careful descriptions can often draw a patient in. Because of the patients need/want to remove the papules at any cost, even when that advice is wrong. Avoid internet articles or old wives tales that claim they’ll fully treat Pearly penile papules yet have no quantifiable results. From PPP creams and potions, home treatment kits, pastes, ointments and finally natural treatments with magical good intentions, there are surprisingly numerous ways for people to try to sell you the cure-all remedy to PPP treatment.

We can help you with full medical treatment for Penile papules, it really is a very simple process, and only requires 60 minutes of your time – please do not choose a suggested natural treatment or cure for PPP that could leave you with ongoing issues. Book an appointment – We can help

Patient Review:

I came to you about a month ago … I was very nervous going in but you made the experience very easy … The treatment was painless, the healing was quick and the results are great. Everything is in working order. Thanks again

Sam, Blackpool – Patient

Will Pearly Papule treatment Damage anything?

That will all depend on the treatment type you ultimately choose.

We’ve mentioned previously the pseudo Pearly papule home treatment types available. None of these options will help you in any way. These are not medical treatments.

There is no guarantee that any of these will be safe, or that they will not incur damage to the penis or reduce sensitivity of the skin around the glands.

Using treatments with baseless science may result in a future dermatological condition. Skin irritation or inflamed skin for example around existing papules and down onto the shaft of the penis may occur.

To conclude, we do not recommend that you entertain any of the previously mentioned Pearly papule home treatment offerings. In brief we can help you with treatment; to illustrate it only takes a single 60 minutes appointment. Book our ‘Gone in 60’ treatment package

Product: 1 hour  Pearly penile papule treatment

Tell me more about Electrosurgery and how it will treat my penile papules?

Electrosurgery is a term used to describe a set of machines that use electricity on the skin tissue to cause vaporisation, coagulation or dehydration.

Specifically, our electrosurgery uses vaporisation to completely remove penile papules from the skin tissue.

First, by sending a low pulsed signal of electrical alternating current through a medical electrode and then creating a resistance to the electrical current by touching the papule tissue. This resistance produces just enough heat to vaporise the papule, and although not painful, the circuit contact is consequently enough to remove the papule by the process of ablation.

Then after ablation an immediate scabbing forms that simultaneously helps to destroy any remaining papule tissue. For each group of papules that we treat, we finalise with a curlette which removes any dead skin and thus reveals the papule free areas.

What science is there to show electrosurgery to work?

Electrosurgery has been in medical use since 1926.

There are many many scientific and medical papers about the use of electrosurgery since it was first used in 1926. To demonstrate, it is widely used in operating theatres and by specialist doctors up and down the country. Electrosurgery for Penile papules is therefore a very safe treatment choice.

At this time by its very nature the electrosurgery is a perfect medical treatment for treating Pearly papules.

Dr. Josh sits with a patient attending the clinic

When will the Pearly papule treatment results be visible?


That’s not a promise we make for all medical treatments but we can certainly make it when eradication of Penile papules is completed by electrosurgery. Our Pearly papules ‘Gone in 60’ treatment package offers all papules gone in a single 60 minute treatment appointment. This is a life changing treatment for all patients and as such all patients feel better both mentally and physically. After this treatment in fact, our patients comment how much better they feel knowing their papules are gone for forever!

The treatment will take no longer than one hour to complete and offers an instant noticeable difference and without a doubt will fully treat all papules. Book an appointment.

How much does Pearly papules treatment cost in the UK?

We offer a package price of £895. This includes a medical consultation and removal treatment, all papules are treated the same day. Only one appointment required.

With our Pearly papules removal treatment there is minimal (really, none) discomfort during the procedure. Afterwards you may resume your normal life immediately.

Obviously we do recommend that you abstain from sex or masturbation, for about 7-10 days while the skin recovers completely.

Appointment time Appointment reason Price
1hr Pearly Penile Papule Diagnosis and consultation + Same day PPP removal. £895

NHS treatment for PPP is possible with an IFR (Individual Funding Request). For more information read our Pearly penile papules NHS treatment page.


Full PPP treatment in a single appointment

This treatment is completed in a 1 hour appointment with the Doctor.

There is minimal to none scaring after the treatment has been performed and you may go about your normal activities straight away. The only recommendation we make is that you abstain from sex or masturbation for 7 – 10 days after treatment to allow the skin to fully heal without any stretching.

Unlike the PPP home treatments others try to sell you, we know that our treatment is unquestionably safe and compliant. You will have all Pearly papules treated in a single one hour appointment. We are here to help you.

Are there any side effects to having electrosurgery?

We have not had any reports or seen any observations of any side effects at all following treatment.

In fact our patients are very happy with the results they receive and struggle to understand how they put off treatment for so many years.

So what is the best treatment for PPP?

If we have not yet made it clear to you about natural home treatments or creams etc. that do not work, please understand that none of the home treatments you see advertised will be recommended by any Doctor that values medical treatment over false hopes and promises.

The facts are obvious and easy to understand. Electrosurgery is almost certainly the best treatment for PPP and although it’s not the only treatment available (a CO2 laser will treat PPP), Dr. Josh has remarked many times that he prefers the results of Electrosurgery as he feels there is a faster healing time. This for him is one of the major factors towards offering this PPP treatment type.

If you want to know more about the PPP treatment, you can ask Dr. Josh a question, or you can book an appointment with Dr. Josh