Pearly Penile Papule Removal

Each year we help multiple men in removing this condition after many years of unnecessary worry. This is a simple procedure with minimal downtime.

We understand the sensitive nature of Pearly penile papule removal, and how hard it may be for some patients to discuss. Our staff take time to address your concerns & queries about the procedure; and can inform and reassure you of each step.

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PPP Removal UK

Pearly Penile Papules Removal by Dr Joshua Berkowitz

Dr. Josh has been performing PPP removal in the UK for over 15 years.

Our specialist; Dr Josh Berkotitz has gained extensive experience in the removal of pearly penile papules. He is very approachable and is available to address all of your concerns and questions. We can remove penile papules. We can help you.

Dr. Berkowitz says
“This condition is far more common than many men realise. My staff and I aim to help our clients make the right decisions regarding papules and if required; to ultimately remove pearly papules using an effective, safe and pain free method.”

What are the causes of Pearly penile papules?

Doctors do not yet fully know, and the cause is still somewhat elusive!

We do know that up to 43% of men have papules around the corona of the penis. We also know that once a man has developed pearly penile papules they do not typically disapear on their own. As the body grows older, there can be some changes to colour or shape of the papules and sometimes extra papules will continue to grow.

Pearly penile papules (Hirsutoid papillomas) often appear in a ring cluster or row cluster around the corona or sulcus of the glans of the penis.

When do Papules first appear?

Papules would usually appear towards the end of the teenage years as the body passes puberty but is still developing into adulthood. They are noted as being small white papules of 1mm to 4mm in diameter. Although the appearance of the papules may at first be worrying, they are in fact harmless to both yourself and any sexual partners.

Understandably, men can have high anxiety due to position and the potential explanations that may have to be made about the condition. Papule removal is possible, PPP removal is available now. A simple treatment for the doctor to perform (60 minutes). 100% patient satisfaction (2022). Continue with your day after treatment. Completed using a painless electrosurgery treatment which is extremely effective, safe and pain free. Importantly, electrosurgery does not alter the function of the penis at all, it’s a very soft skin treatment with the quickest recovery period (days).

PPP is not genital warts, an STD or Fordyce Spots.

Is it safe to remove pearly penile papules?

Yes, in-fact it’s so safe, the treatment only takes 60 minutes to complete.

Pearly papules removal is a very safe process, Dr. Josh opts to use electrosurgery to remove the papules. Electrosurgery is a term used to describe a set of machines that use electricity on the skin tissue to cause vaporisation, coagulation or dehydration. Specifically, our electrosurgery uses vaporisation to completely remove the papules from the skin tissue.

During the treatment there is minimal (really, none) discomfort noted by patients.

The removal treatment will not alter penis’ sensation or sensitivity and it will function exactly as before.

There will be a slight scabbing of the effected area after the appointment. These will last for only a few days as the skin heals itself. After the pearly penile papules removal you can carry on with most of your normal activities.

Pearly Penile Papules treatment being performed

How to get rid of pearly penile papules at home?

We look at the top advertised PPP home removal techniques in the UK

How to get rid of PPP at home? Dr. Josh discusses treatments that men of the UK are being sold as pearly papules removal remedies. Dr Josh looks at the importance and saftey of medical treatment over potential injury and costs of Pearly penile papules home removal.

How to get rid of PPP in 3 days or how to stay safe!

Our medical PPP removal steps

Quite simply, after an initial consultation to confirm the diagnosis & discuss treatment, Dr. Josh will use an anaesthetic cream around the area effected.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5
Investigate and confirm diagnosis. Discuss the treatment. Apply anaesthetic cream. Doctor will remove penile papules with a hyfrecater. Abstain from sex or masturbation for 21 days.

All papules removed within a single 60 minute appointment. The PPP removal UK cost is £895

pearly penile papule removal picture

Before & after Pearly papule removal, the difference is instantly noticeable

Before we begin this easy and very quick procedure, we apply an anasthetic cream around the effected area.

Once the skin is numb Dr. Josh uses electrosurgery which easily removes the papules for good.

There is minimal (really, none) discomfort during the procedure. Afterwards you may resume your normal life immediately.

How much does Pearly Penile Papules surgery cost?

We offer a package price of £895.

All papules removed by specialist; Dr. Joshua Berkowitz. A medical consultation & same day papule removal completed in a single 60 minute appointment! After, you can carry on your day without any disturbance to yourself.

Appointment timeAppointment reasonPrice
1hrPearly Penile Papule Diagnosis and consultation + Same day Pearly Penile Papule removal.£895

Post papule information

After treatment information we ask patients to adhere to.

Whilst there is minimal discomfort during the procedure. Afterwards you may notice a little scabbing where the surgery has taken place. Providing the scabs are left to heal for a few days, they will soon drop off naturally without leaving any noticeable scars.

If a patent starts to pick the scabs off before the skin has fully healed, some scaring may appear.

We ask that all patients abstain from sex or masturbation, for about 21 days while the skin recovers completely, but during this time you may do everything else that you would normally do. You won’t be in pain or uncomfortable during, or after the pearly penile papules removal treatment.

PPP removal with a CO2 laser

We do offer CO2 laser treatment here at the clinic, but as it’s more expensive and yet no more effective, almost everyone opts for PPP treatment by electrosurgery.

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