Common names for PPP – White spots on the Penis, PPP Penis, Pearly Penis Papules …

White spots on the penis

Hirsutoid Papilloma / Hirsuties Papillaris Genitalis – White & pearl coloured papules on the penis head.

Hirsutoid Papilloma will present as small white spots on the penis head / glans. They will appear as a whitish papule with a pinkish, white, or pearly surface.

A localised anatomic variant of the penile corona on the dorsum of the penis. No treatment is indicated, only reassurance.

The treatment of penile papules is not deemed medically necessary, however, it is entirely feasible. Our specialist PPP Doctor, Joshua Berkowitz, conducts a comprehensive removal of all papules within a single 60-minute session.

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What do you call the white spots; found behind the foreskin when pulled back?

Hirsutoid Papimmolata or Hirsuties Papillaris Genitalis is a prevalent condition affecting numerous men in the UK and worldwide. Despite its prevalence, it is not a topic that is frequently discussed due to its location.

The existence of individuals who can empathise with the psychological and social consequences of PPP can often offer valuable support. Additionally, it presents other avenues for investigating potential remedies or therapies that have been tried by those who have previously had white spots on the penis.

Common names for PPP – White or Pearl coloured spots on the penis head

Discussing health problems with our acquaintances, family members, colleagues, and loved ones can prove to be a challenging task. In fact, such conversations are often avoided altogether.

In certain instances, we tend to use colloquial or informal language when discussing medical issues. This is particularly true when discussing topics that pertain to parts of our bodies that are still considered taboo in most of our daily conversations. For instance, we tend to use less explicit but still commonly understood terms that are less jarring for this reason.

The following is a list of terms that are used, whether appropriately or not, to describe Hirsutoid Papilloma / Hirsuties Papillaris Genitalis, or Pearly penile papules. Which of these terms do you employ?

Genital pimplesWhite spots on penis head
Herpes on penis headSkin tags on penis
Penile pearlsSmall bumps on penis
White dots on penisSmall spots on penis
Pearly whitesSmegma pearls
White spot on foreskinSores on penis
PPP penisSpots on foreskin when pulled back
PearlyWhiteheads on penis
Pearly penileWhite bumps on penis
Pimple with hard white seed penisWhite heads on penis
Pimples on penisUlcer on penis
White spots on foreskin treatment
Slang names and common terms used when discussing Hirsutoid Papilloma – Pearly Penile Papules, White Spots on the Penis.

The Pearly penile papules reason

With the exception of Herpes on the penis head, Smegma pearls, Sores on the penis, and Ulcers on the penis, which require detailed examination by a medical professional, the aforementioned terms only describe the appearance of Hirsutoid Papilloma – White spots on the penis. It is important to note that a doctor would not use any of these terms to describe the Pearly penile papules condition.

Even the term “Pearly penile papule” is simply a common name that is often used by doctors when documenting their notes or discussing white spots on the penis glans with their patients.

The term “Pearly Penile Papules” was first coined in 1964 by Johnson and Baxter, although the condition itself was first diagnosed in the 1700s by Littre and Morgani.

The underlying cause of PPP (PPP Penis) remains elusive, and medical professionals are yet to determine the reason. However, they can safely diagnose and treat those who suffer from this common skin condition. In other words, if you wish to remove all your penile papules, Dr. Josh (registered with the GMC) can provide permanent treatment, including diagnosis and full treatment, all completed in a single 60-minute appointment. After the appointment, you may continue your day without any discomfort.

Pearly papules ‘Gone in 60’ minutes treatment package

It is imperative that any medical condition you may be experiencing be diagnosed by a licensed Doctor. For instance, if you observe any changes in the shape of your penis or detect an unpleasant odour emanating from it, it is highly recommended that you seek the advice of a medical professional. In particular, any sores, irregularities, or white spots on the penis head or surrounding areas should be thoroughly examined by a qualified Doctor. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you schedule an appointment with your Doctor to discuss your condition.

Will the NHS offer treatment for Pearly penile papules (PPP Penis)?
Map of the Penis

What are these white spots on my foreskin and which treatment do I need to remove them?

The presence of white spots on the foreskin upon retraction is typically not categorised as Pearly Penile Papules (PPP). PPP typically manifests as a cluster of papules arranged in a circular or linear pattern around the corona or sulcus of the glans penis, rather than on the foreskin. In the event that you are seeking treatment for white spots on the foreskin, it is recommended that first and foremost, you consult with a Doctor to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Whiteheads on penis, White dots on penis or White spots on the penis head.

Both of these descriptions may indicate the presence of Pearly Papules or Hirsutoid Papilloma, to use the appropriate terminology. However, the terms “whiteheads on penis” or “white dots on penis” do not accurately specify the location of the white bumps or spots. Pearly papules typically manifest at the base of the top of the penis and are most visible when the foreskin is retracted. To confirm the presence of Pearly penile papules, the white bumps or spots must be situated in this area.

White spots on the foreskin are generally not indicative of PPP. Pearly papules typically appear in a circular or linear arrangement around the corona or sulcus of the glans of the penis. If you are seeking treatment for white spots on the penis, we recommend you organise an appointment with an experienced Doctor to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

PPP Cover through workplace schemes

Certain private medical insurance policies available to employees may cover the expenses incurred in treating PPP. However, arranging for such coverage can prove to be a challenge at times.

Dr. Josh provides PPP treatment at a cost of £895.00, which is a one-time payment and does not require any follow-up visits. Following the treatment, individuals can resume their daily activities without experiencing any discomfort.

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Annually, we assist numerous gentlemen (100’s) in the elimination of penile papules. We acknowledge the delicate nature of this condition and the potential difficulty some patients may encounter in discussing it. Our clinic’s PPP team dedicates ample time to addressing any apprehensions or inquiries regarding the procedure and can provide comprehensive information on each stage.

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What next …

Should you exhibit any of the aforementioned conditions on your penis, it is advisable to seek medical attention from a qualified Doctor for proper diagnosis.

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Herpes on the Penile Head

It should be noted that Pearly penile papules and Herpes are distinct conditions. There exists no correlation between genital herpes and Pearly penile papules.

Genital herpes is typically observed on the glans penis, and as the ailment progresses, scabbing may become apparent on the penile shaft.

Genital herpes is a contagious sexually transmitted disease (STD). Conversely, Pearly penile papules are not contagious and cannot be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

While herpes may manifest on the glans penis or occasionally at the base of the glans penis, it will exhibit distinct characteristics from Pearly penile papules.

PPP is a normal and treatable growth on the skin

Pearly Penile Papules (PPP) are located at the base of the glans penis and are classified as skin lesions. It is important to note that PPP should not exhibit any scarring or scabbing. Skin lesions are normal growths of the skin and should not be confused with open wounds or sores.

The management of genital herpes is currently the only available recourse as there is no known cure for the condition.

In the absence of any mental or physical discomfort caused by PPP, treatment or management is unnecessary. Treatment for PPP is a quick process with minimal downtime (3-10 days) required for the skin to regain its suppleness. There may be some minor scabbing in the treated areas, which will naturally fall away in due time (days immediately after treatment).

Herpes, on the other hand, can lead to the development of open sores on the head or shaft of the penis. These sores can cause irritation and pain upon contact. In contrast, PPP is typically not associated with any discomfort.

We are capable of alleviating PPP in a solitary 60-minute session. However, for Herpes, we recommend seeking advice from your personal medical practitioner.

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Smegma pearls

The accumulation of dead skin cells, secreted skin oils and other fluids that can build up in or under the folds of both the penis and the vagina, is often referred to as Smegma.

This cheesy and malodorous substance is frequently observed in uncircumcised men./p>

Smegma is a buildup of excreted substances or discharges from the skin and can be easily eliminated through proper washing and cleansing of the affected area.

However, it should be noted that washing alone cannot prevent the recurrence of Smegma over time. Consistent and thorough cleaning of the affected areas can help reduce any unpleasant odours and discomfort that may arise.

Smegma can increase penis odour

When left untreated, Smegma has the potential to emit an unpleasant odor and foster a breeding ground for bacterial growth. If left unchecked, the accumulation of bacteria may lead to inflammation and swelling of the penile head, commonly referred to as Balanitis by medical professionals. Treatment for Balanitis may involve the application of a mild steroid cream to the affected area, an anti-fungal cream, and in severe cases, a course of antibiotics.

Individuals of various age groups, including adolescents and adults, may experience Smegma. The most effective means of addressing this issue is through regular cleaning. It is important to note that when cleaning the foreskin of younger males (2-6 years), excessive pulling back of the foreskin should be avoided to prevent damage to the penis.

In cases where a child experiences frequent and persistent occurrences of Smegma despite medical intervention, circumcision (surgical removal of the foreskin) may be considered by a Doctor.

We recommend you contact your medical Doctor for further diagnosis of Smegma pearls.

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Sores on Penis

Nobody wants a sore on the penis!

Pearly penile papules are a naturally occurring phenomenon of the skin and, therefore, cannot be classified as a sore.

Typically, a penis sore is characterized by an open wound that may discharge a watery substance during the healing process. The causes of penile sores are varied and numerous. It is exceedingly rare for PPP to result in an open sore on the penis. In the event that such an occurrence does transpire, it is typically due to the patient’s attempts to remove or manipulate the papules.

Penis sores may need treatment

If you have a sore on the penis, you should contact your Doctor to get it checked out and a suitable treatment plan put in place.

Frequently, lesions on the male genitalia may arise due to an allergic reaction to clothing fabric. Additionally, abrasions may result from the friction of tight-fitting garments, leading to the formation of sores. Inadequate hygiene practices may also contribute to the emergence of such lesions.

It is noteworthy that certain infections, including syphilis, genital herpes, and penile cancer, may also manifest as penile sores.

Given the multifactorial aetiology of penile sores, it is advisable to seek medical attention from a qualified healthcare professional. A proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan can be determined following a thorough evaluation.

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White heads on penis

PPP is not a whitehead and should not be squeezed like a spot.

It is important to note that PPP, or Pearly Penile Papules, should not be treated in the same manner as a whitehead. It is not advisable to attempt to extract or squeeze PPP, as it is a benign skin condition that requires specialised medical attention.

The formation of a white head is frequently attributed to the accumulation of deceased skin cells and sebum on the surface of the skin. This occurrence may obstruct hair follicles or sebaceous glands, resulting in the development of a discernible bump on the body that is characterized by a yellow or white head.

When compressed, a whitehead has the potential to expel an accumulation of augmented sebum, an oily substance generated by the sebaceous gland. Additionally, there may be an overabundance of Keratin, a protein that constitutes hair, nails, and skin.

Whiteheads have the propensity to accumulate a colony of bacteria, which, as the size of the bump increases, may contribute to and exacerbate the inflammation of the adjacent tissue.

Medical risk factor of Whiteheads

It is atypical for whiteheads to exert a direct influence on an individual’s physical well-being; however, they may significantly affect one’s emotional state. Particularly in social contexts (psychosocial) or in terms of self-perception and perceived image (psychological).

The majority of whiteheads will spontaneously erupt and typically do not require medical intervention. However, certain circumstances and ailments, such as Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS), may necessitate more sophisticated medical prescriptions to effectively manage the condition.

If you have white pearl like papules around the corona of the penis you may have PPP.

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Ulcer on penis

An ulcer on the penis bears a striking resemblance to an open sore on the same organ. Similar to a penile sore, there are various factors that may lead to the development of a penile ulcer, with Syphilis being one of the most prevalent causes.

If left untreated, Syphilis can inflict significant harm on the body. However, a course of antibiotics prescribed by a medical practitioner can effectively treat the condition. The treatment process typically spans between 6 and 12 weeks, during which sexual contact with another individual should be avoided.

Getting Pearly penile papule help

Irrespective of the nomenclature used for PPP, it is imperative to note that only a medical practitioner possesses the requisite expertise to accurately diagnose white spots on the glans penis.

The primary concern should not be the choice of names you call white spots on the penis, but rather the most effective means of permanent removal. Dr. Josh has been proficient in performing PPP removal for more than 15 years and is readily available to assist in the prompt removal of your PPP. Our institution has achieved a 100% patient satisfaction rate this year, and we are committed to providing you with the necessary support.

In order to book an appointment with Dr. Josh, call us on: 020 3095 0001, or make an appointment using our appointments form. If you have questions regarding PPP removal you may contact Dr. Josh via email or visit our FAQ page.

We look forward to welcoming you at the PPP clinic and helping you understand the process we use to remove Pearly papules.