Common names for PPP – White spots on the Penis, PPP Penis, Smegma Pearls …

White spots on the penis

Hirsutoid Papilloma – White & pearl coloured papules on the penis head

Hirsutoid Papilloma will present as small white spots on the penis head / glans. They will appear as a whitish papule with a pinkish, white, or pearly surface.

A localised anatomic variant of the penile corona on the dorsum of the penis. No treatment is indicated, only reassurance.

Penile papules treatment is not medically required but is still 100% possible. Our specialist PPP doctor: Joshua Berkowitz removes all papules during a single 60 minute appointment.

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What do you call your spots behind the foreskin when pulled back?

Many men across the UK (and the world) suffer with Hirsutoid Papimmolata. It’s quite a common condition, however not one that is often discussed.

Knowing there are others who can understand the emotional and stigmatic effects of PPP can often provide support. It also opens opportunities for research into available solutions or treatments used by others for white spots on the penis

Common names for PPP – White or pearl coloured spots on the Penis head

Talking about health problems with our friends, family, coworkers and loved ones can sometimes be difficult. In fact we often avoid having such conversations.

In some cases, we soften the conversation by using slang names or common terms when discussing medical issues. Especially issues that affect areas of our bodies that are still considered taboo during most of our daily conversations. For example, we often use less descriptive but still commonly understood terms that are less jarring for this reason.

Below are a list of terms, rightly or wrongly, that are used to describe Hirsutoid Papilloma, or Pearly penile papules, which of the terms do you use?

Genital pimplesWhite spots on penis head
Herpes on penis headSkin tags on penis
Penile pearlsSmall bumps on penis
White dots on penisSmall spots on penis
Pearly whitesSmegma pearls
White spot on foreskinSores on penis
PPP penisSpots on foreskin when pulled back
PearlyWhiteheads on penis
Pearly penileWhite bumps on penis
Pimple with hard white seed penisWhite heads on penis
Pimples on penisUlcer on penis
White spots on foreskin treatment
Slang names and common terms used when discussing Hirsutoid Papilloma – Pearly Penile Papules, White Spots on the Penis.

The Pearly penile papules reason

With the exception of Herpes on the penis head, Smegma pearls, Sores on the penis and Ulcers on the penis. Which should all be looked at by your doctor in detail. All the above listed names only describe the appearance of Hirsutoid Papilloma – White spots on the penis. To clarify, a doctor would not use any of these names to describe the Pearly penile papules condition.

Even the term “Pearly penile papule” for instance, is simply a common name often used even by doctors when writing their notes, or when discussing the condition with a patient.

The reason for ‘why’ some men suffer with PPP (PPP Penis) is still rather elusive. But this does not mean we can not safely help those that do have this common skin condition. To put it differently, if you’d like to remove all your penile papules, Dr josh can help. The treatment is permanent and includes diagnosis and full treatment all completed in a single 60 minute appointment. After the appointment you may continue your day without any discomfort.

Pearly papules ‘Gone in 60’ minutes treatment package

Any condition you have should be diagnosed by your doctor. Such as if you notice the penis shape to have changed, or if your penis smells, please consult with your doctor. Chiefly, any sores, abnormalities or white spots on the penis head or around the penis should always be checked out professionally, that is to say; ask to see your doctor to discuss your condition.

Will the NHS offer treatment for Pearly penile papules (PPP Penis)?
Map of the Penis

What are these white spots on my foreskin and which treatment do I need to remove them?

White spots on foreskin when pulled back is usually not classed as PPP. Pearly papules appear in a ring cluster or row cluster around the corona or sulcus of the glans of the penis, not on the foreskin itself. If you are looking for white spots on foreskin treatments we suggest you speak with your doctor first and foremost so you can get a correct diagnosis.

Whiteheads on penis or White dots on penis

Both of these descriptions could be Pearly Papules or Hirsutoid Papilloma to give its correct name. However, whiteheads on penis or white dots on penis do not really describe where the white head or white spots are. Pearly papules present at the base; of the top part of the penis. They are most noticeable if the foreskin is pulled back. The whiteheads on the penis or white dots on the penis would need to be in this position to indicate Pearly penile papules.

White spots on the foreskin is usually not classed as PPP. Pearly papules appear in a ring cluster or row cluster around the corona or sulcus of the glans of the penis. If you are looking for white spots on the penis treatments we suggest you speak with your doctor first and foremost so you can get a correct diagnosis.

PPP Cover through workplace schemes

Some private medical insurances that are enjoyed by employees will cover the cost of treating PPP however this can sometimes be an issue to organise.

Dr. Josh offers this treatment for £895.00 – this is a one-time payment with no return visits required. After treatment you can continue your day without any discomfort.

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What next …

If you have any of the following conditions on your penis you should contact your doctor for their diagnosis.

Get a professional Pearly penile papules diagnosis from Dr. Josh.

Herpes on the Penile Head

Peary penile papules is not Herpes. There is no relationship between genital herpes and Pearly penile papules.

Genital herpes are usually first noticed on the head of the penis, as the condition intensifies there can be noticeable scabbing on the shaft of the penis as well.

Genital herpes is contagious and is classed as an STD (sexually transmitted disease). Pearly penile papules are not contagious in any way, and as such can not be transmitted through sexual activities.

Although herpes can be found on the head of the penis, and sometimes at the base of the head of the penis, they will appear very different to Pearly penile papules.

PPP is a normal and treatable growth on the skin

PPP will appear at the very base of the head of the penis. Classed as a skin lesion PPP (PPP Penis) should not display any scarring or scabbing in any way. An open wound or sore will appear very different from a skin lesion, which are normal growths of the skin.

Management of genital herpes is the only recourse as there is no known treatment.

Unless there is a mental or physical state caused by the PPP, there is no need to treat or manage the condition. The treatment for PPP is very quick. There is a minimal downtime (3-10 days) after the treatment. The downtime is simply to allow the skin to become supple again. There may be some minuscule scabbing of the treated areas for instance. The scabs will naturally fall away in due time (days immediately after treatment).

Herpes can become the start of an open sore on the head and or shaft of the penis. The open sores may not only cause irritation but also hurt when touched. In contrast, it is unusual for PPP to hurt at all.

We can relieve you of PPP in a single 60 minute appointment. For Herpes, please consult your own medical doctor.

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Smegma pearls

The accumulation of dead skin cells, secreted skin oils and other fluids that can build up in or under the folds of both the penis and the vagina, is often referred to as Smegma.

Described as a cheesy smelly substance, Smegma is often more common in men that have not been circumcised.

Smegma is an accumulation of excreted substances or discharges from the bodies skin, it is easily removable with a good wash and clean of the effected area.

Washing wont stop the Smegma re-appearing over time, keeping the areas well cleaned will reduce any smells and irritability that it may cause.

Smegma can increase penis smells

When left untreated, Smegma can start to smell and create a bed of activity for bacteria to appear. The bacteria if left to accumulate can sometimes cause the head of the penis to swell up and hurt. This is often referred to as Balanitis by doctors. A mild steroid cream to the effected area, an anti-fungal cream and in some instances a course of antibiotics may be subscribed for Balanitis.

Younger males as well as teens and older males can suffer with Smegma. Cleaning is the best recommendation for removing Smegma. It should be noted that when cleaning the foreskin of the penis, the foreskin should not be pulled back too hard in younger males (2-6yrs) as it could damage the penis.

A doctor may consider circumcision (surgery to remove the foreskin) if your child keeps getting a high volume of smegma appearing regularly, and medicine has not helped.

We recommend you contact your medical Doctor for further diagnosis of Smegma pearls.

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Sores on Penis

Nobody wants a sore on the penis!

Pearly penile papules are a natural phenomena of the skin and as such it will not be classed as a sore.

A penis sore is usually an open sore that may excrete a watery substance as it tries to heal. The cause of sores on the penis can be numerous. It is very unusual for PPP to create an open sore on the penis. If this does occur it is in association of the patient either picking the papules or trying to remove the papules.

Penis sores may need treatment

If you have a sore on the penis, you should contact your doctor to get it checked out and a suitable treatment put in place.

Often sores on the penis can be caused by an allergy to clothing fabric. Injury can also occur from tight clothing that rubs the skin down, opening a sore. Poor hygiene may also be a candidate for why the sore has appeared.

There are some infections that can allow sores to appear on the penis, such as syphilis, genital herpes noted above or penis cancer.

Because there are so many reasons that a sore on the penis may appear, we advise you to contact your doctor. Get a correct diagnosis and recommendation for the best treatment.

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White heads on penis

PPP is not a whitehead and should not be squeezed like a spot.

When we think of a whitehead, we are often describing a type of acne that can appear anywhere on the body, but most often found on the face, neck, back or chest.

The white head is often created by dead skin cells and secreted skin oils building up. This can block hair follicles or sebaceous glands (oil glands) on the skins surface. The blocked gland will then create a noticeable bump on the body that accumulates with a yellow or white head.

If squeezed, a whitehead can discharge a buildup of increased sebum (this is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous gland, there may also be an excess of Keratin which is a protein that makes up your hair, nails and skin.

Whiteheads can often build up a bed of bacteria which as the bump increases in size may cause and add to the swelling of the surrounding tissue.

Medical risk factor of Whiteheads

It is unusual for whiteheads to directly effect someones health but they can have an impact on how someone may feel. Especially in a social setting (psychosocial) or how they may perceive themselves to be seen by others (psychological).

Most whiteheads will erupt naturally and should not need any medical intervention. There are cases and conditions such as Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) where your doctor may make more advanced prescriptions to manage this condition.

If you have white pearl like papules around the corona of the penis you may have PPP.

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Ulcer on penis

An Ulcer on the penis is very similar to an open penis sore. Like a penis sore, there are multiple reasons that an ulcer may appear on the penis. One of the most common causes is Syphilis.

Syphilis if left untreated can cause your body damage. Syphilis can be treated with a course of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. It will usually take between 6 and 12 weeks to completely treat the Syphilis. During this time there shouldn’t be any sexual contact with another person.

Getting Pearly penile papule help

Regardless of what you call PPP, only a doctor can professionally diagnose white spots on the penis head correctly.

What should be forefront in your mind is not what to call white spots on the penis, but how best to remove it for good. Up to the present time, Dr. Josh has been performing PPP removal for over 15 years and would be happy to help remove your PPP forthwith. With 100% patient satisfaction so far this year – we are here to help you.

In order to book an appointment with Dr Josh, call us on: 020 3095 0001, or make an appointment using our appointments form. If you have questions regarding PPP removal you may contact Dr. Josh via email or visit our FAQ page.

We look forward to welcoming you at the PPP clinic and helping you understand the process we use to remove Pearly papules.