Some problems caused by PPP, and why they’re unjustified

A boy worrying about have pearly penile pauples

Some problems caused by PPP, and why they’re unjustified

Over the past few years, pearly penile papules (PPPs) have become increasingly well-known and well-documented. In fact, they are so common that it’s been estimated that 20% of all men will develop PPPs at some point in their lifetime. It’s also now known that PPPs cause no harm whatsoever to the person affected. PPPs are also very treatable, and some options are discussed in other posts on this blog.

However, despite this increased awareness of PPPs’ harmlessness, a large proportion of the population still do not know what PPPs are. It’s for this reason that the sight of PPPs may cause some trepidation and fear, at least amongst some sufferers.

So, while PPPs do not cause any physical harm, they still have the potential to worry those afflicted. Of course, this problem is exacerbated by the embarrassment of telling a GP or nurse about the problem. Whereas most men would have no problem discussing most health problems, penile problems are a different matter. For this reason, many men (especially those without internet access/who are unable to search symptoms) may go for a long period without knowing the harmlessness and unimportance of PPPs. Hence, their lives may be adversely affected (at least somewhat) by PPPs.

Another problem caused by PPPs – in fact, probably the most significant problem, all things considered – is the problem of self-image. Even if a man is aware of the harmlessness of PPPs, this doesn’t guarantee that he will not feel reduced confidence in his appearance. This problem can be exacerbated by the fear that a partner may not understand PPPs, or may be turned off by the sight of them, or may wrongly assume them to be contagious, or otherwise unhealthy. Indeed, this fear may be well founded, especially if the partner has not heard of PPPs and, as a result, does become less attracted to the man in question. It’s for these reason that PPPs, through no fault of their own, do have the potential to cause a diminished sex life, and to cause reduced confidence in the sufferer.

On the whole, then, while PPPs are harmless, they still have the potential to cause fear, worry, and a reduced sense of worth in the sufferer, which could result in a diminished sex life.