PPP home ‘remedies’ aren’t just ineffective: they’re hazardous

ppp home remedies

PPP home ‘remedies’ aren’t just ineffective: they’re hazardous

When you suffer from a condition such as Pearly Penile Papules, it can be tempting to look for quick-fix home remedies to deal with the problem. Given the embarrassment and anxiety associated with PPP, this is a perfectly understandable reaction. However, giving into that temptation may be incredibly dangerously.

The majority of home remedies commonly suggested for PPP are merely ineffective. For example, many websites and forums advise sufferers to apply unlikely substances such as egg white or castor oil to the papules in an effort to treat them. These solutions are likely to leave anyone who attempts them looking and feeling rather silly, but will otherwise do little harm. However, a few of the remedies for PPP you can find on the web are more than merely ineffectual: they’re actively harmful.

The most blatantly hazardous ‘solutions’ to PPP that can be found online include ripping them off or cutting them off. All remedies such as these do is cause intense pain and possible disfigurement and few people would even attempt them. However, there are ‘remedies’ that can cause damage that are not so easy to spot.

For example, some frequently-posited treatments involve sudden and drastic changes in diet. While changing what you eat over a period of time can be harmless and even very healthy, sudden changes that reduce the body’s intake of certain vital materials (such as protein) can weaken your immune system and result in illness or a general feeling of being under the weather. While the exact nature of these remedies varies from website to website and forum to forum, there are undoubtedly examples where the suggested changes to a person’s diet could do more harm than good.

Perhaps the most outright dangerous remedy suggested for the removal of Pearly Penile Papules is the application of chlorine. Many laymen may not spot the hazard here, which only serves to increase the danger. Chlorine has a corrosive effect and attempting to apply it to Papules has the potential to permanently disfigure a sufferer’s genitalia, as well as causing excruciating pain and, in all likelihood, severe bleeding.

Surgical treatment remains the only effective treatment for Pearly Penile Papules. Experimenting with home remedies may seem like a harmless step in attempting to treat the condition, but due to the amount of misinformation and (possibly malicious) false solutions surrounding PPP, such steps can never be entirely safe. So, if you’re considering treating your PPP, stay safe and focus on medically-proven solutions.